Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator
Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator

Kissed, Clitoral Stimulator

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❤ A clitoral stimulator with a flexible grip handle and a realistic feel - the soft, body-safe silicone mimics the feel of a tongue.
❤ 5 tongue patterns + 5 speeds offer an orgasm on your own terms, with a dedication to realistic sensation. The soft, body-safe silicone mimics the feel of a tongue, enhancing your realism experience.
❤ Multi-functional, water-resistant toy, that can be used for play on your body parts that feel good.
❤ 100% waterproof + easily rechargeable with over 1.5 hours of battery life to deliver the ultimate clitoral stimulation.. Magnetic, fast-charging cable and adapter included.
❤ Satisfaction guaranteed, to support your satisfaction from playtime to customer service. We provide excellent customer service with a forever warranty on all products.

Travel Friendly

Easy to Clean

Adjustable Intensity

Forever Warranty

Spot On


Get ready for the sweetest first kiss!

Kissed is ready to take you on a journey of ultimate orgasmic bliss

Tiny but powerful, Kissed was designed to simulate the sensation of tongue on clitoris… but better. The flexible vibrating fin delivers precise clitoral stimulation that will make you eager to kiss and tell…

Kissed is somewhat of a pleasure connoisseur

It takes your solo therapy seriously, and knows there is no time to waste on finding the right grip.

That’s why Kissed comes equipped with a handy (pun intended) flexible grip that fits perfectly between your middle and index fingers. Simply slide your fingers around the grip, and direct Kissed to your pleasure zone. It’s got a job to do, and you’ve got an orgasm to reach.

How Does it Work?


Place the flexible grip between your middle and index fingers for complete control of movement. Use a small drop of personal lubricant and place the soft silicone fin on your clitoris


Get playful with the 5 different vibration speeds and 5 vibration modes to discover your perfect sensation


Keeping the fin on your clitoris, gently move the toy up and down or side to side, adding pressure where it feels good


Flip Kissed over to experience the soft rounded side as a more traditional vibrator.


Can a tongue do that? Didn't think so.

The Tongue That Doesn't Quit.

The soft silicone fin mimics the feel of a tongue… a tongue with superpowers…that can finally give your clitoris the attention it deserves!

 Christianna Clark aka “Selena The Stripper” is a sex worker, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. After graduating from MICA in 2015, fae felt out of place in the elitist world of institutional art. Through stripping fae found financial stability and a community of incredibly strong, radically free thinking artists. Faer Instagram @prettyboygirl highlights faer writing and photography, but weekly exclusive content can be found on Patreon @therealprettyboygirl.

All About Kissed

With a flexible grip ideal for both solo or partnered play, the soft silicone fin delivers precise and tantalizing clitoral stimulation

100% body-safe silicone


5 Vibration Speeds + 5 Vibration Modes

Lasts 1.5 hours on a single charge

Magnetic USB charging cable and wall plug included

Forever Warranty included

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