Sweet Vibration 4k Giveaway!

Sweet Vibrations' 4k Giveaway Grand Prize Entry

Enter to win ALL FOUR sensational Sweet Vibrations vibrators in our Grand Prize giveaway! 

3 Grand Prize Winners get all four, 14 Runners-up get one each!

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This wouldn't be possible without big help from our friends. Visit their profile and enter their individual giveaways for a Runner-Up prize!

Alice Little @thealicelittleofficial

"Sweet Vibrations is one of my favorite companies- their toys are colorful, enjoyable, and most of all- pleasurable! I love that each toy is so unique. With their products being so affordable, there's no reason to not choose two, three, four, or more toys and treat yourself to some sexy self-care." 

Autumn Morris @speakingofsex

“Sweet Vibrations’ product line fulfills every sensation my body desires. My wallet AND my body are in love with these amazing vibrators and the limitless pleasure they provide.”

Gabby Alexa @gabalexa

"Sweet Vibrations makes toys that actually mimic oral and focus on clitoral stimulation, they're changing the game!!"

Slutty Girl Problems / Lorrae Jo Bradburry @sluttygirlproblems @lorraejo

"We are firm believers pleasure is a birthright, and our friends at Sweet Vibrations are committed to making it happen. We absolutely love their range of unique, body-safe, power-packed sex toys designed to deliver the "Big O,” and help you have while reaching it..."

Cameron Glover @blkgirlmanifest

"Retail shops play such an important part in cultivating inclusive, supportive spaces where people can explore what makes them feel good without fear of being shamed or guilted. I'm so excited for Sweet Vibrations' community to have grown to almost reach the 4K mark, and really love how they are continuing to commit to ensuring that everyone's pleasure is prioritized."

Thicc Stripp @thiccstripofficial

"What we love about Sweet Vibrations is how they are actively taking steps to help with the relationship between people and their sexuality. With simple, effortless, and discreet toys,(not to mention under $50...because screw the middle man) customers have chance to try out various styles to see what works for them."

Kayli Sage @pieceofcakeee_

"I am obsessed with Sweet Vibrations Girls Best Friend toy! And also the best part about their brand is that they have a lifetime warranty just in case you use your toy too much ;)"

Ashley Gross @ewdatsgross

Ashley is a copy writer and comedian known for her memes about constant existential dread, quick-witted content, and short jokes that are commentary on feminism, the current state of society, and the abysmal millennial dating pool

tabú @talk.tabu

"We always love partnering with Sweet Vibrations. Not only are their products excellent for pleasure, but they're also super affordable. A win-win for you clitoris and your wallet!"

Jade Erotica @jade_erotic_storyteller2

”Sure every girl needs a best friend. But the perfect best friend knows your sweet spot.”

Danielle Bezalel @sexedwithdbpodcast

Feminist podcast bringing you all the sex ed you never got, through unique and intersectional storytelling.

Landon Funk @funky_feminist

Empowers women, girls & their allies to fight for what they believe in, push the limits, and be unapologetically themselves.

Erin Gilmore - @eringilmore

Bhakti vinyasa teacher with a specialty in trauma informed yoga. Serving and supporting women, individuals with eating disorders, body issues, and history of sexual abuse.

Nadeshda Hernandez @lovetheyonigame

Nadeshda Hernandez is a psychotherapist (Marriage and Family Therapist), hypnotherapist, and creator of Love the Yoni. Love the Yoni is a sex-positive game that provides an environment of lightheartedness, flow, and connection with self and others.