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Two lucky grand prize winners will receive a Sweet Vibes Self-Care Package including Kissed, Drop, Foami, Ice Cream and Camera Coozey + $150 to spend pampering themselves

Two lucky grand prize winners will win a Sweet Vibes Self-Care Package + $150! Here’s how to enter to win:

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April Davis @thevaginablog

A compelling speaker, creative consultant, visual artist and wordsmith, April Davis has been featured in magazines, on podcasts, and on stage, sharing her wisdom, humor and knowledge as the creator of The Vagina Blog and The Vagina Blog Podcast. Her passion and drive have created an entire community around female body health, as she empowers women and vagina owners to love themselves fully while focusing on bringing light to taboo topics that we just don't talk enough about, like sex and periods, along with self-love and positivity.


Autumn Morris @speakingofautumn

Autumn Morris is a Certified Intimacy Educator who works to help curious humans connect love, sex, intimacy, and life in 2020. Kind of like Dr. Ruth meets Tik Tok.


Christianna Clark @prettyboygirl

Charmee Christianna Clark aka “Selena The Stripper” is a sex worker, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. After graduating from MICA in 2015, fae felt out of place in the elitist world of institutional art. Through stripping fae found financial stability and a community of incredibly strong, radically free thinking artists. Faer Instagram @prettyboygirl highlights faer writing and photography, but weekly exclusive content can be found on Patreon @therealprettyboygirl. Fae is a resident author with Berlinable, a Berlin-based erotica publication. Fae is a political commentator for The Doe, an online magazine dedicated to presenting diverse opinions across the political spectrum. Faer podcast, Heaux in the Kneaux, is available on all platforms. Christianna is a member of the Board of Directors for Soldiers of Pole, an organization building a coalition of strippers and sex workers working together to end discrimination and decriminalize sex work across America. Christianna C - Board of Directors, Merch Bitch, and Art Director for Social Media

Devon Day Moretti @devondaymoretti

Devon Moretti is a body image coach, personal trainer, and sex positive advocate. She's been featured in Women's Health, Health, Playboy, 614 Magazine, and FitFluential. While her work expands in many different areas, it all relates back to her mission: to teach womxn the no bullshit approach to confidence and self-love.


Gabrielle Alexa Noel @gabalexa

Gabrielle Alexa is a writer, content creator, software developer, and author-in-progress. She has bylines in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Bitch Media, the Huffington Post, and more. Her work has been about creating more room for open and honest conversations about sexuality and queerness.


Haley Hasen @haleyhasenuncensored

Haley Hasen is an artist, sex educator, certified crisis interventionist, erotic laborer, and sex toy enthusiast. She currently serves on the Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates board, is involved with a federal work-study with RAINN, and is an art therapy intern at the nonprofit Clean and Sober Street based in DC. On top of all this, Haley is studying to receive her master’s degree in Art Therapy at George Washington University.


How Cum Podcast - Remy Kassimir @howcumpodcast

At 28 years old Remy Kassimir had never had an orgasm; not alone, not with a person, never. So she started this podcast to figure out: How Cum?! She completed her goal and now this podcast has helped hundreds of "Cumpanions" around the world to accomplish their first O's as well.


King Fat Femmie @kingfatfemmie

Black Fat Femme
Body Liberator/Photographer/Wardrobe Stylist
Owner of Laboratory B
For the last 6 years, Black Fat Femme, SW, Artist and Fat Body Liberator, Elle, aka Kingfatfemmie has been called Brooklyn her home. A place where she has grown into finding liberation in her sexual identity, body, spirit, and mental bealth. With a mix of southern roots and Brooklyn culture, she is forging a liberation of seeing herself as art.
Owning her sexuality and her body, she finds joy in knowing that her work is a platform for others to free themselves. She’s an advocate for fat body liberation, trans lives, black women and femmes, and for injustice.
Currently, she is crowdfunding to build a Black and Brown Community Studio in Bedstuy. “My dream is to create an low cost art utopia of freedom of expression for black folx through multiple means of medium. Art has always the gateway to many revolutions and we must do what we can to preserve our art by uplift black and brown creatives”


Peekaboo Collins @peekaboocollins

Peekaboo Collins is the dirty wordsmith behind the series Monogamy With Treats and her latest release, GLITCH. As her forename suggests, she invites you to take a peek into the minds of lovers who like to keep things spicy. Peekaboo writes with consent in mind, but after that is established, nothing is off-limits.


Miss Couple @misscoupleofficial

Miss Couple is a relationship and intimacy coach who’s worked with hundreds of people to build a skillset that will help them thrive both in the bedroom, and in everyday life. She is a best selling author and contributor for media outlets such as Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and Huffington Post.


Portia Brown @froeticsexology

Portia AKA @FroeticSexology a sex educator based in Brooklyn, NY! She specializes in working with women/femmes in their quest to improve communication and boundary setting in their sex lives. You can find her leading workshops + conversations, as well as offering 1:1 holistic sex coaching.


Rainey @sexplained.med

Rainey is a student doctor and sexual science researcher/educator! As a future MD, she hopes to help troubleshoot the way that the medical field approaches the subject of sexual health and functioning. In order to better serve patients, she feels there should be no room for shame surrounding sex in the doctors office! She is working to smash stigma, investigate sexual science (and its history), and promote body positive health. Sex feels good because our bodies are scientifically designed for pleasure!


Irma Garcia @sexedwithirma

Certified Sex Educator | Dirty South Sex Ed
Irma is a certified sex educator in Texas, founder of Dirty South Sex Ed, and client services manager at Jane’s Due Process, where she helps Texas minors exercise their reproductive rights to an abortion. Prior to joining the JDP team, she was an sexual health and abortion counselor at a local Austin clinic, as well as a birth doula. Now as the sexpert on staff, her focus is to connect the harm of sex-negative anti-abortion rhetoric into a wider sex-positive reproductive justice framework where marginalized people are not shamed and robbed of their autonomy. She believes that when Black, Indigenous, and other people of color experience pleasure on their own terms, it’s an act of protest, but most importantly--self-care.

Shelby Sells @shelbysellslove

Shelby Sells is a love, sex, and life coach as well as co-host of the Emotional Check-In Podcast. Shelby focuses her work on empowering authentic relationships with the self and others.

The RedDot Comic Kim Winder @the__reddot

Kim is in her later early-mid-twenties and lives in Southern California with her two pups, hubs, and plug. She has been drawing since forever but never really committed any type of style or format. That changed in 2018 when she decided to commit a year to drawing every day and keep herself accountable by posting her work to social media. Thus The RedDot was born.

Tyomi Morgan @realglamazontyomi

Tyomi is a Certified Sexologist, Authentic Tantra Practitioner and International Pleasure Coach with 9 years of experience in the sexual health field. Her down-to-earth approach to sexuality has garnered the views of millions of eyes around the world via her advice-based Youtube channel and interactive social media presence. She is the founder of Sex Ed blog Glamerotica101.com and emphasizes sexual empowerment of black women worldwide. Tyomi's advice has been featured on several platforms and traditional media publications including Essence.com, EBONY Magazine, Blackdoctor.org, Huffington Post, Comedy Central, The New York Times, SHAPE.COM, Blacklove.com, Vogue.com, Cosmopolitan.com, Washington Post's The Lily, Clear Channel Radio, CBS Radio, Sirius XM, Playboy Radio and dozens of others. Tyomi currently serves as the Resident Sexpert and Seminar Coordinator for the Exxxotica Expo and is a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Health.

Wednesday Martin PHD @wednesdaymartinphd

Wednesday is a #1 New York Times best selling author, feminist cultural critic and co-host of the amazing True Sex and Wild Love podcast.

Celine Manning @sexwithbaddies

"My name is Celine Manning I am a pleasure positive sex educator and relationship & movement coach from Fort Lauderdale Florida I'm a speaker and an educator through workshops where I promote sexual health, sexual confidence, & sexploration.When I'm not encouraging people to be free and to feel liberated I'm usually in a dance studio or at home using movement through pole fitness as way to be fit and to have fun. I am most proud and blessed that I am providing a space in which people feel open to share their experiences with me. I hope to inspire people by my unconventional willingness to put myself out there for a greater cause."

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