CHARMED // Sweet Vibrations

Abracadabra! Your "ME TIME" has been mystified

CHARMED // Sweet Vibrations

Get ready to be cast under a’ve been charmed!

Charmed by Sweet Vibrations is a multi-sensation, flexible wand vibrator, that will make the world melt away and send you straight into a sensory bliss. The dual head is made up of a curved fin for optimal clitoral stimulation, while the smooth spherical backside delivers broader surface area sensation. With four vibration patterns and a silky-soft feel, you are sure to be cast under its enchanting spell.


Product Information

Is your ‘ME TIME’ in need of a makeover?

It’s out with the mundane, and in with the magic. Charmed is here to make sure your solo therapy never goes stale again. With Charmed, you are called to awaken your inner sorceress - to experience self-pleasure that is out of this world. It has a special way of making you believe in magic.


The BIG “O” Is Different For All

The multiple vibration patterns and intensity levels allow you to discover your specific path to bliss. Try out all the variations, from a soft hum to an earth-shaking thrill. Charmed is eager to meet your acquaintance, and to blast you off with its mystic charm. Ready to live your self-love fairytale?


Meet Your New Good Luck Charm

Charmed is 100% waterproof so it can tag along on all of your steamy adventures - to the bathtub and beyond! Made with medical-grade silicone, this wand is silky smooth to the touch. Charmed is easy to use with three simple buttons to navigate power, speed levels, and vibration patterns so you can find what works best for you. It’s time to focus on sensation, not the ‘how-tos.” Charmed is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Easy as the wave of a wand!

Want an expert tip? Hold the wand so the curved fin lays on top of the clit. Explore sliding the fin from the clit to in-between the labia. Use a drop of lube and try rotating between the fin and the smooth side of the sphere. Charmed is a wand of many talents.

And... abracadabra! Your me time has been mystified. Easy as the wave of a wand!


How Does it Work?

Charmed's ergonomically forward grip and intuitive design make solo play as easy as the wave of the world.

Charmed is equipped with a flexible head that features a smooth, spherical surface on the backside and a soft, curved tip on the front. Apply the curved tip to the clitoris and slide in the between the lips for an intense sensation or switch it up and use the smooth spherical side for an enveloping vibration. Don't overlook the 4 vibration options: you have the power to intensify or lighten the sensation with mere click of a button.

Forever Warranty

Sweet Vibes believes in our people and our products. We want to deliver an amazing experience to all, and we stand behind our toys with a Forever Warranty.

If Charmed stops working, don't break up...
Email us!
We will make it right and send you a replacement right away.