Three Ways to Turn up the Heat with Vibe Glide

Ever try to swim in the Sahara? Yeah, we wouldn’t recommend it. There’s nothing like a dry atmosphere to ruin the moment and kill the vibe. While Vibe Glide is essential to getting things wet, it can also act as the secret ingredient to your greatest pleasure cocktail yet. 

Ready to unlock the wet and wild world of moisture that awaits you? Hop on board to learn three key ways to turn up the vibes with Glide!


1. Drop into Sensation

Ever heard of a flow state? The popular meditation app, Headspace, describes it as “the sense of fluidity between your body and mind, where you are totally absorbed by and deeply focused on something, beyond the point of distraction.” Don’t worry, we know you want to hear about sex - not meditation. Yet, the two surprisingly go hand in hand. When things are flowing in the bedroom, you are able to quiet your mind and focus on the juicy sensations encompassing you. Any guess as to what can stop a sexy flow state in its tracks? Yep, dryness. When you experience vaginal dryness, the uncomfortable feeling brings you out of the moment and into your head. Using just a few drops of Glide creates the ideal foundation to open you up to mind-melting bliss.


2. Solo Vibe-Glide

What’s the deal with Glide and toys? For starters, let’s just say there’s a reason it’s recommended to use a drop of personal lubricant before solo playtime. While your vibrator will do the trick without external moisture, adding Glide to the mix can take you from a gentle ride to a bed-shaking experience. The added moisture allows your toy to slide and Glide against you with ease; further opening you up to pleasure. But be careful of what kind of Vibe Glide you’re inviting to the party! Like Sweet Vibes’ products, most vibrators are made with skin-safe silicone. It may sound ironic, but using a silicone-based Glide can actually break down your silicone toy. For vibrator play, stick to water-based Glides like Drop, by Sweet Vibes.


3. Partner Play

No dry spells here. Although the vagina self-lubricates naturally, vaginal dryness is common and can occur for a number of reasons such as hormonal changes. Using lubrication with your lover can not only get things moving, but can increase sensation (and ultimately intimacy) between the two of you. External moisture has the power to take your experience with sex to the next level, and allows you to explore different worlds with your partner. For example, anal sex can open you up to new sensations and give you some pretty mind-blowing orgasms (yes, anal-gasms are most definitely a thing!). However, what the anus can’t do is provide lubrication on its own. Want an expert tip? Before penetration, ask your partner to give you an anal massage to warm you up and lubricate the area. Moving north, let’s not neglect the nips! Did you know you can also achieve orgasm solely from nipple stimulation? Small but powerful, your nipples double as delectable pleasure centers. Moisturizing the breasts before nipple play allows your partner’s fingers to glide with ease, for optimal arousal. Try Ice Cream by Sweet Vibes to ignite delicious chills in a tingling moisturizing experience.


The conclusion? Vibe Glide may be your missing puzzle piece to pleasure... the cherry on top of your sexy-time sundae, if you will. Now that you’ve dipped your toes in the world of Glide, you’re ready for an endless wet n’ wild ride. Bon voyage!



Written By Kayla Murphy

Kayla Murphy is a writer, minimalist artist, and yoga teacher who expresses the human experience through different mediums. When not crafting copy for inspiring professionals, you can find her on a spontaneous adventure, or curled up with a good book (usually accompanied by a strong cup of coffee). See more of her work at, or follow her adventures on Instagram.

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