The Icon List: Celebrating Women in Sexual Wellness

Celebrating International Women’s Day is to reflect on the women who made us; past, present and future. Womanhood has come a long way through modern history, and it’s worth remembering that as women, we did not always so publicly enjoy the same sexual freedoms that a lot of us do today. But our bodies were always here. We’re paying tribute to the women who have dedicated their livelihood toward sexual wellness, encouraging our liberation. Without them, Sweet Vibes may not be here today.

Here are just a few unforgettable women in sexual wellness for our celebration. Of course there are many that we’ve missed -  head to our Instagram and share your icons with us.

Maya Angelou

It’s unsurprising that she made this list; a winner of over 50 honorary degrees, best selling author, poet, iconic feminist… but what may surprise you is one of the biggest reasons we are mentioning her in this list. Maya Angelou was once a sex worker. And she was never ashamed to admit it. In fact, her book Gather Together in My Name tells her story of sex work. We recommend giving it a read!

Dr. Laurie Mintz

Next up is Dr Laurie Mintz, the author of Becoming Cliterate, amongst other sex positive books. Dr Mintz is a sex therapist who has received multiple awards for her dedication to education on female pleasure, something Sweet Vibes advocates today with each toy; from GBF to Pixie.

Dr. Karen Gurney

Have you heard of the bestselling book Mind the Gap? It’s definitely one to add to your list. Dr Karen Gurney has helped many couples reignite their passion through her educational and thought provoking content. Her bio says it all: translating sex science to futureproof your sex life. Before you dump your partner because your sex life is losing its spice, give Mind the Gap a read and thank Karen later.


The Queen of the Nile is world renowned for her beauty. But Cleopatra was far more than a pretty face. She was said to use her attractiveness as a political weapon, spoke a dozen languages and was well educated in philosophy, mathematics and more. There are also rumors that she had one of the first vibrators, paving the way for Charmed with a phallic object filled with bees. We don’t know how true this is, but either way we’re here for it.

Mary Beatrice Kenner

Sanitary towels - what would we do without them? Mary was an African-American woman who invented the adjustable sanitary belt. Her invention led to what we know as the sanitary towel now. Racial discrimination meant that she didn’t get the recognition she deserved for thirty years. She invented the belt in the 1920s, but didn’t get a patent until 1956.

Shan Boodram

Confidence can’t be taught, can it? Shan Boodram proves that it can. Her podcast ‘Lovers and Friends’ is perfect listening for those days that you don’t feel 100%. She believes that the quality of one’s life is determined by their intimate relationships (and not just sexual). Follow her on Instagram to feel educated and empowered.

Dami Olonisakin

Dami is the author of the Big O and is also known as “the UK’s loudest megaphone for women’s sexual rights”. Not only is she empowering, she has a wicked sense of humor which makes navigating difficult topics of conversation fun and easy-going. She takes a stand against slut shaming, encourages women to have sex for their own pleasure and gives a platform to women who share her platforms. Dami, we salute you.

Munroe Bergdorf

Bergdorf is an English model and actress, well known for her activism and education on transgender rights. She has bravely shared information on her own experience of transitioning and what feminism means to her, and recently shot her first documentary for Channel 4 titled ‘What Makes a Woman’. 

Casey Tanner

Who learned about queer sex in sex education? Yeah, us neither. Thank goodness for Casey, the woman behind Queer Sex Therapy. Her account educates on sex positivity but more specifially aimed at queer people. Where society has let the LGBTQ community down, Casey has stepped in to demand more.


That’s our round up of inspirational women in sexual wellness for International Womens Day 2022. We would love to hear what women inspire you, so be sure to head to our We’re continuing to celebrate female icons of sexual wellness over on our Instagram - and you’re invited to the conversationpage to tell us. We’re also celebrating with a store-wide 20% discount. Happy IWD, ladies.

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