Teasing with Sex Toys: Everything You Need to Know

Tease (verb): to tantalize; especially by arousing desire or curiosity.


The unexpected taste of chocolate or vanilla. A cooling sensation that evokes goosebumps on your naked skin. A simulated caress that makes your body respond in the most pleasurable and passionate way…


Aside from receiving flirty texts, or blush-worthy, erotic photos; sex toys can be a fun way to engage your lover (IRL and virtually) – and leave them fantasizing about you (and vice-versa).


For instance, a vibrator can be used in the presence of a partner (as an act of foreplay), or you can Facetime (make sure it’s with someone you trust!) and use it during a steamy, dual-masturbation session. If you’re adventurous, arousal balms can heighten your senses by producing warm or cool tingling sensations – and increasing blood flow to the applied areas. And lube, well let’s just say it can make things both tasty and slippery depending on how it’s used.


Curious to discover fun ways to use each of these teaser toys? Read ahead to find out.


The Vibrator (Bringing Pulsating Pleasure to Your Bedroom):


Most adults are familiar with vibrators, even if they haven’t personally used one themselves, but the variation of functionality (flexibility, size, vibration pattern and speed) allows individuals to control exactly how they like to be teased – and have their curiosity quenched.


For long-distance lovers, vibrators can be a great way to maintain sexual intimacy, while also discovering your partner’s erotic weaknesses. If you want to take a walk on the non-vanilla side, you can experiment with power dynamics by playing a game of “Dom and Sub.” In the game, one partner verbally controls the other’s experience with the vibrator. You can order each other to stop, go, and increase or reduce speed until one (or both) of you is begging for release.


With a curved fin that rests on top of the clitoris, and the ability to slide the fin from the clit to in-between the labia, our “Charmed” vibrator is a perfect match for such a diabolical game. It’s four vibration options leave plenty of room for commands – and orgasmic obedience.


For solo pleasure-seekers, you can go on an intimate scavenger hunt that ends in a loud crescendo. Try putting yourself in the mood by touching yourself, reading erotica, watching porn or taking a hot bath first – and then introducing a vibrator.


"Girl's Best Friend" is a scintillating solo companion. It’s a two-in-one vibrator and oral sex simulator that will send you over the edge with its “vacuum” that gently sucks your clitoris, and acts as a traditional vibrator. Talk about a tease! A scavenger hunt with this friend can only end in one place: a treasure-chest climax.


Arousal Balms (Tingles Lead to O’s):


As we mentioned previously, arousal balms add an extra level of sensitivity by introducing hot and cold sensations. By increasing blood flow to the applied areas, they also stimulate lubrication; which leads to wetter, better pleasure.


Allow your partner to tease you with a balm-incorporated, sensual massage; or return the favor. Amp up the experience by softly blowing on the applied area to produce chills, and then follow up with a mixture of soft and firm hand strokes, kneads and pinches. You can also perform this activity on yourself.


If you’re into mint-chip ice cream, we have just the product to send you into a chilly, sweet overload. Our “Ice Cream” cooling nipple balm" is infused with Menthol for a refreshing minty sensation. Simply apply a small amount to your nipples (or your lovers), and wait for the magic to happen. Before you know it, your body will erupt in delicious chills.


Lube (For the Tasty and Wet Seekers):


In the world of sex, lube is the gift that keeps on giving. It eases friction, adds sensations – and you can incorporate it into solo play, partner play or massages; with or without vibrators.


Additionally, flavoured lubes bring additional elements of sugar and spice to the party. See what we did there? From chocolate to vanilla, to strawberry, bubble gum and gummy bear, there are tons of options to introduce your taste buds to.


The most obvious way of incorporating lube is during oral sex, but you can add a fun twist to integrating both lube – and a vibrator – by allowing your partner to handle (and control) the vibrator’s movements.


Our “TuLips” vibrator, which embraces and stimulates the tip of the clitoris, while also vibrating beneath the surface, is a great option for this.


Just make sure to avoid using silicone-based lube with silicone toys to avoid damage. Water-based is always a safe bet.


Aside from mixing silicone-based lube with silicone toys, there’s no right or wrong way to tease your partner (or yourself). The most important thing is to have fun, be open to exploration, and allow your curiosity to run free. A world of tantalizing options awaits you.


Brittany Bella Graham

Brittany Bella Graham is a Writer, Creative Director, Strategist and lingerie aficionado. Her 1:1 mentorship program for spiritual entrepreneurs, "Amplify Your Magick", helps spiritual entrepreneurs harness their personal power, and grow their businesses without energetic depletion. Learn more about Bella at www.MissBellaGraham.com or follow her on Instagram at @MsBellaGraham.

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