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  • Sexy Yoga Poses that Boost Self-Pleasure & Confidence

    Yoga is so much more than a spiritual practice or workout and can truly make you sweat (in more ways than one).  Believe it or not, yoga can be a dynamite game changer for your self-empowerment and your libido. In Sanskrit, yoga translates directly to “union.” As a yoga teacher and student, I see... View Post
  • Top Creative Practices for Sensual Arousal

      Whenever it rains, I like to open my bedroom window and listen to the water droplets rhythmically pound the pavement outside. Sometimes it’s soft, sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s accompanied by a ravenous thundering – with cold winds blowing so rapidly that the trees whistle as it tears... View Post

    What can you learn about your sexuality through astrology? View Post
  • How to Use QuadPay

    Buy Now. Pay Later. Good things are worth having, and that includes your pleasure. With QuadPay, you now have the opportunity to make 4 payments over a six week period with your credit or debit card. And want another plus? There are no additional interest charges. Pretty cool, eh How does it wor... View Post