Summertime Power Guide 101

The sun is out, the mood is sexy, and you can already tell that this summer will be spicy. It’s time to own your power no matter what kind of hair day you’re having or what is left on your to-do list. 

You deserve to feel as luminous as the summer sun, and the answer lies in the power of self-care and self-pleasure — summer’s best-kept secret to the sexiest season. So if you want to feel sexy and confident always, allow us to show you how. 

Self-Care is the New Sexy 

You know that feeling when you look in the mirror, and you just know you look good? It’s the kind of feeling that puts a dash of sass in your smile, fire in your eyes, and you know that you can get whatever you want. The key to activating that feeling is taking care of what’s underneath, and that’s where the power of self-care comes in. Without self-care, you’re only flirting with self-confidence. 

By doing activities that make you feel really good on the inside, you can activate your power in every situation outside of yourself. Self-care is THE game changer for energizing your confidence, and know that you deserve to embrace it all summer long. 

The Secret to Your Sexiest Season Yet

Self-care is all about honoring your needs mentally, physically, emotionally. There are A TON of ways to practice self-care from yoga to meditation to writing it out, but I’m going to let you in on a sexy little secret — because there’s one activity that checks all of those boxes. 

That sultry secret? Self-pleasure. 

Yup, you can put the “self” in “self-care” by taking an extra-long “O” to spark your full-blown confidence and blast your summer from warm to sizzling hot. Can you already feel yourself getting tingly and feeling sexy, just thinking about it? Good, because that’s only the beginning. 

How to Activate Your Confidence

Okay, love, here’s the full scoop on how to dive into the heat of the summer and embrace every powerful inch of you. Mix and match the following rituals depending on your mood, and come back to these anytime you need a tempting idea to boost your mood this summer.

Journal about deepest desires & dreams

Take out a journal and pen and allow your imagination to soar. Ask yourself, what are my deepest sexual desires? When and where do I feel like my most powerful, confident, and sexy self? Go deep and allow your mind to explore what your body is telling you. Fill these blank pages in with your sensuous truth. 

Take an extra steamy bath 

Add even more heat to the summer with an evening bath sesh. Light some candles, grab a summery rosé and fill your bathtub up with bubbles or a sensual bath bomb. Give yourself permission to soak in all of the good vibes, and take the time to really see how beautiful you are from head to toe. Want to make the bath extra steamy? Add a dash of self-pleasure that’s out of this world with the help of a waterproof toy.

Move with confidence  

Put on a playlist of songs that instantly makes you feel like your best self. Jam out in the bedroom or your living room as you dance to the beat of your own heart. Try feeling and touching your body while moving around the room (and bonus points if you do this completely naked). Not only will this leave you feeling more confident, but you’ll also release stress and endorphins.

Schedule a lunchtime pleasure session

Sexual activity is proven to release oxytocin, which reduces anxiety and elevates your mood. Are you feeling distracted and tired of your Zoom meetings? Schedule a long lunch and have a rendezvous with yourself in the middle of the afternoon. You’ll come back feeling more confident, motivated, and productive — add a fun toy for a little more heat. 

Give yourself a self-massage 

Self-massage can help you calm the nerves, increase stamina, and soften your summer skin. This is perfect for after a day in the sun or after a long week. Warm the oil to begin and then massage the oil into your skin, starting from your head and working all the way down. Take pleasure in pleasing yourself and use stimulating scents like vanilla, jasmine, or neroli. 

Repeat sexy affirmations

When you need a quickie to feel confident, turn to some sexy affirmations to help you spice up your attitude. Some examples include, “I am obsessed with my body,” “I am deserving of pleasure,” “My sexual expression is beautiful,” “I am grateful to my body,” or “Sexual pleasure is a gift I can give to myself.” Write them down, repeat them out loud, or simply say them to yourself in the mirror. 

Whether you do one or all of these, I have a feeling that this will be your most confident and sexiest season yet.


Sonya Matejko

Sonya Matejko is a writer, yoga teacher, and communications consultant living in New York City. She’s on a mission to help people express and empower themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. By embracing vulnerability, Sonya hopes to move people toward their highest potential. Her writing has been featured on HuffPost, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, I AM & CO, Mogul, and Yoga Magazine. In 2018, she also founded @aforceofnurture on Instagram as a dedicated home for inspiration and self-expression. 

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