Sexy ‘n Sweet Gift Guide

Wanna know our secret to relaxing and enjoying the magic of life? Yep, p l e a s u r e. We’ve created a sweet n’ sexy gift guide so you can spread a little sweetness! You’re cordially invited to hop off at our vibration station - a magical land of tips and tricks to finding the perfect toy for anyone on your gift list (or yourself - yes, you have FULL permission to give yourself a gift!).` give yourself a gift!).


For the mystic…


Meet your good luck charm!  Charmed is the perfect gift for anyone looking to add a little sorcery to their solo play. This magic wand is equipped with a curved tip for optimal clitorial stimulation plus a smooth, spherical backside for additional sensation.

What’s to love?

  • Multiple vibration patterns and intensity levels will add a sparkle of enchantment to your me-time.
  • The flexible tip effortlessly glides over your clit or slides in-between your labia to mimic the feeling of a tongue.
  • It’s mysterious vibe allows you to live out your self-love fairytale!


For the oral obsessed…


Can’t get enough of tongue on clit? Get ready for the sweetest kiss. Kissed is your answer to the feeling of oral at the snap of your fingers… but better.

What’s to love?

  • The flexible vibrating fin is designed to simulate the sweet sensation of oral sex. 
  • Kissed feels like a tongue, but offers more than a mouth can. Ever experience a vibrating tongue? Get ready for a wet and wild ride...
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Kissed can easily glide back and forth (or up and down) for added sexy feels.


For the single gal...

The Perfect Match

Gift yourself or your single friend the gift of getting off without having to wait for Mr. Right! The Perfect Match is just that - the perfect match to bring you your perfect ‘O’ (without ever having to swipe right).

What’s to love?

  • This rabbit wand offers simultaneous clitoral stimulation and penetration (buckle up). 
  • While most rabbit vibrators are stiff and hard on the body, The Perfect Match is entirely flexible to ensure a comfortable fit inside of you. 
  • Ten vibration patterns allow you to fully explore your G-spot orgasm, and ensures you get off on the first date (gasp!).


For the traveler…


This cute and tiny clit vibrator packs plenty of flower power, and packs perfectly into your carry on! Take Tulips on your next adventure to keep you vibing and thriving on your travels.

What’s to love?

  • Tulips targets your entire clit - not just the tip.
  • The innovative shape has many angles so you can play and get creative.
  • This vibrator is quiet enough to use in any home away from home, and won’t wake the neighbours!


For the inspired...

Girl's Best Friend

The Girl's Best Friend is for the one always looking to change things up. It's a 2-in-1 that truly serves as two toys with it's innovative vacuum technology on one end and traditional vibrator on the other. There's always room for spice with this one!

What’s to love?

  • Ten sucking and ten vibration modes allow for lots of diversity.
  • It's tapered design gives as much, or little as you want internally.
  • The vacuum tip is removable for easy cleaning!  


For the sensitive...


Pixie's got the wings, you're the pilot. It's easy to vibe with your preferred pressure and intensity with Pixie's soft flexible design and rounded edges. sensitive clit? Say no more, Pixie has the spell for you.

What’s to love?

  • Easy to use with just one hand.
  • The whole toy vibrates with a focus on the wing tips for precision.
  • Great for beginners or explorations with a partner.


For the seasoned viber…


Already have a sexy collection of your own? Try some toys for your toys! Check out Foami to clean your toys with natural tea tree and aloe ingredients, or a Camera Coozey to protect from unauthorized surveillance. Looking for some added moisture? Try Ice Cream to deliver a cool, tingling sensation to your nipples, or dive in with Drop as your go-to vibe-glide. For inspiration, read more of our Vibe Guide to get your creative juices flowing.




Written by Kayla Murphy

Kayla Murphy is a writer, minimalist artist, and yoga teacher who expresses the human experience through different mediums. When not crafting copy for inspiring professionals, you can find her on a spontaneous adventure, or curled up with a good book (usually accompanied by a strong cup of coffee). See more of her work at, or follow her adventures on Instagram.

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