Our Sweet Gift Guide

Looking for the ultimate gift? And yes, you’re allowed to get yourself one. I mean, let’s face it, before anyone else comes your own self-care and self-love. Priorities, people!


Next, don't think this is something too personal to give as a gift. The recipient, whoever that lucky soul is (also be prepared, they will love you forever and ever), should be honored that you even considered this option. We certainly all deserve those life changing, body shaking, heart throbbing, sensational orgasms.


We’ll make this quick and simple, if you’re not sure which vibrating pleasure toy to choose for your ultimate gift, you’ve come to the right place.


Whether it’s for you, your very lucky friend, or your lovingly spoiled partner (or maybe all of the above!), we’ve got you covered with this short and sweet toy buying guide.


But first, because rules are fun to teeter on the edge with, I’m gonna make three for you to follow. Have fun. 

Rule 1: You don’t have to ask your partner or friend if they need a toy. 

I’ve seen so many women shy down at this question and feel like they’d impose or embarrass themselves to say anything but an uncomfortable shrug or blush. To be honest, masturbation or sex toys are still a little taboo for many peeps, so gently push them over the pleasure edge by starting or adding a collection of sex pieces.


Rule 2: All of these toys are awesome. 

Hands-down. This is great for beginners and experienced, old and young, especially if you’ve never gotten your toy box in order or diversified with different types of vibrators. I’ve explored hundreds of toys and these are my favs. Next to Crave of course, a personal favorite wearable vibrator.

Rule 3: Explore other fun sense-awakening products.

Sense awakening toys ... like bondage ropesmassage stonesmale toys (for the boys), sensational feather spankers, or maybe some fluffy hand cuffs. Oh wait, don’t forget the mood setter- massage candles.


Now, for Sweet Vibration’s quick and easy gift guide (Yep, I know that’s what you came for):

Our First Option

Are you (or the person you're buying for)…

  • Into cute things?
  • A traveler at heart?
  • All about intricate sensations?

Do you…

  • Prefer options?
  • Want to learn how to fully explore and stimulate all those awesome nerve endings in your clitoris, not just the tip?
  • Want to explore partner play with toys?

Then don’t be fooled by the cute name, but TuLips is your ideal gift.


Our Second Option:

Are you…

  • Into orgasms, anywhere, anytime, quick and easy?
  • Perhaps slightly less about the journey, and more about the big “O” destination?
  • Wild and free? Perhaps slightly kinky?

Do you…

  • Prefer g-spot or penetrative stimulation? Or perhaps just want both simultaneously?
  • Want something that closely resembles you having penetrative sex?
  • Want to try many pleasure-filled positions during your playtime with your toys?

If yes was your resounding answer, then The Perfect Match is definitely your perfect date night over and over again.


Our Third Option:

Are you...

  • Into unique, whimsical, mystical experiences?
  • Curious to play with your toys solo or with a partner?
  • Into tiny things that take your breath away?

Do you...

  • Want to explore the powerful potential of sensation in your vulva lips down there?
  • Prefer to dabble with magic?
  • Less so about the g-spot and more about the external magic that awaits?

If yes resonated with you on these questions, Pixie is your babe for sure. Give her a go, she won’t disappoint.


Finally, Our Fourth Option (are we saving the best for last?!):

Are you…

  • Social, outgoing, extroverted, open to the possibility of another bestie?
  • Believe in magic?
  • Love options and love to play with sensations?

 Do you…

  • Feel you’re a little newer to toys and want to explore a never fail best first one?
  • Prefer options?? Maybe you’d like the opportunity to experience some suction and air on the clitoris, and then perhaps a more traditional vibrator experience on the other end of the toy if you haven’t climaxed just yet?
  • Get intrigued by technology and want to see it in action on a sex toy?

Hey you! It’s Girl’s Best Friend right here as your best option.

Cheers to the best gift given yet! Sweetest vibes your way!


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