How to Vibe Guide: Finding Quality Toys That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re like me, you’re winding down from a hectic start of the new year and in need of a break from your break. What better way to unwind and participate in a little self-care than some quality time with your favorite toy?

And, if you’re anything like me again, the holidays probably weren’t easy on your wallet. As a sex educator, its important for me to share that the best, high-quality toys don’t always need to break the bank, but it is important to identify the characteristics that make a high-quality sex toy.

Here are four things to keep in mind when shopping for a high quality toy to help you embark on your sexual wellness journey:


  • Materials

The materials a toy is made of is one of the most important features that makes it great.  Body safe/ medical grade silicone, metal or glass are the safest materials to use on and in the body and pair well with water-based lubes. Some materials are filled with pores or are toxic to the body's tissues, and can cause health issues overtime.  Buyers must do their due diligence to look for toys (especially vibes) made from medical grade or body safe silicone to ensure they are making a healthy investment in a sex toy. 


  • User Friendly

A toy that is easy to use with simple button controls and comes with instructions on how to use, clean and store it is one that makes for an amazing buy! Toys that come with chargers, storage bags and a booklet for how to use them on the body are also winners.  When a toy comes charged up to at least half of its battery life and has instructions detailing the bells and whistles, a user can jump right in (after cleaning it of course) and get right down to receiving pleasure. No waiting or searching on google for how to use it. Just straight, out of the box fun.


  • Eco Friendly
Toys of the past required the use of batteries that not only ended up in landfills, but had the potential to leak out and damage toys if left inside for too long. Toys that are rechargeable are gentle on the environment and allow the user to keep the toy for a much longer lifespan. No more filling up dump trucks with toys that don't biodegrade quickly. Rechargeable toys also enable more toys to become water resistant or completely waterproof depending on the port the charger uses.  This feature makes using toys in the shower or bathtub possible, expanding a user's options for where to play with self-pleasure. 


  • Design
Toys designed ergonomically (aka toys that curve) are fantastic for those who have difficulty reaching their intimate parts. This type of design allows users to feel comfortable in making a purchase because they know the toy can be used easily. Toys that can fit between two partners are also great buys for people who want to use them to enhance partnered sex.


Here are a few toys I recommend that are impeccable with their materials and design and are user and eco-friendly:


  • Kissed ($49.97) - The tongue-mimicking toy is perfect for those who love some extra clitoris play. 

  • Charmed ($44.99) - The ergonomic wand gives users a unique experience for all the hard-to-reach pleasure spots. 

  • The Perfect Match ($39.99) - This toy is the best 'basic' for beginnings and a great vibrator for embarking on your sexual wellness journey.




Tyomi Morgan

Tyomi Morgan is Sweet Vibes’ in-house sexpert with nine years of experience in the sexual health field as a Certified Sexologist, Authentic Tantra Practitioner and International Pleasure Coach. 

You may have seen her before on Youtube or Instagram, exploring the world of sexuality with her down-to-earth approach and sharing her tips on confidence and intimacy during her Cowgirl Workout classes. She doesn’t shy away from any topic and gives expert advice and promotes empowerment for womxn worldwide on her Sex Ed blog,


Her advice has been featured on several platforms and traditional media publications including, EBONY Magazine, Huffington Post, Comedy Central, The New York Times, SHAPE, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Playboy Radio. 


Her partnership with Sweet Vibes is all about making sexual self-care approachable. While society has come a long way in the last decade, there is still a stigma around sex toys, and many of those wanting to embark on their sexual wellness journey are too ashamed or not educated on how to begin. Tyomi is leading the charge against the stigma by empowering and educating womxn on their sexual self-care journey.


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