How to Use QuadPay

Buy Now. Pay Later.

Good things are worth having, and that includes your pleasure.

With QuadPay, you now have the opportunity to make 4 payments over a six week period with your credit or debit card.

And want another plus? There are no additional interest charges. Pretty cool, eh

How does it work?

          1. Grab Your New Favorite Toy.
          2. Buy Now.
          3. Receive your Purchase.
          4. Pay Later. 
          5. **No interest charge for the 6 weeks**


Wait, Show Me How?

Below are step-by-step directions of how to select QuadPay during checkout. If you have any issues or questions concerning QuadPay, please email

  1. Add your selected item to cart

  1. Go through the regular checkout process, providing your name and contact

  1. On the Payment section, select QuadPay as your payment option


Happy Shopping and Sweet Vibes! 

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