How to Convert Your Home into Your Sexiest Travel Destination

Wanderlust… We’ve all felt that familiar pang of longing for a place unknown. It’s an intense desire to travel, explore the world, taste its delicacies, converse with intriguing people and be awed by the splendor of its natural wonders. 

Whether we’re spurred by an appreciation for ancient architecture, or a yearning to walk (and dance) under the same archways, ceilings and skies as our admired history idols – the impulse to indulge all five senses via travel is one of the few things that appeals to all humans.

But is it possible to replicate that feeling of intrigue and spice without ever leaving your home? If imagination makes sex better, then perhaps that same logic can be applied to travel destinations. Read ahead to discover three simple ways to convert your home into the sexiest travel destination yet.

Make Love to Your Walls:

No, we’re not referring to your anatomy. We’re suggesting that you invest in art to inspire feelings of beauty, rapture and rhapsody each time you pass by. 

It could be an erotic painting of two lovers in an embrace, or a sculpture of an individual engaged in self-pleasure. Every time you glance at it, it should make you feel adventurous, flirty, sensuous or frisky, and inspire thoughts of ultimate pleasure.

Creative, literary author Joseph Campbell famously wrote, “The goal of life is rapture, [and art is the way we experience it.] Art is the transforming experience.”

You may want to display artwork to inspire sweet dreams (or wet ones; whichever one you may fancy) in your bedroom – and lively, stimulating ones in places that you primarily occupy during the day.

Showcase Your Dual Use Sex Props:

Alternatively, don’t underestimate the power of subtlety. Perhaps there’s a long white feather you like to tease your lover with, or maybe bondage is your thing. Trying leaving a small sexy item strategically placed in plain sight just for the thrill of it. 

Handcuffs, for instance, make fun paperweights, and an extra piece of rope you’ve saved from your last shibari escapade can be used to tie your curtains back.

It’ll be an interesting conversation starter for your friends, and put a smile on your face whenever you’re alone.

Invite Your Friend “Flora” Over:

Have you ever considered why hotel staff sprinkle rose petals on the beds and floors of honeymoon suites? Or leave freshly cut bouquets in your rooms? “Flora,” or flowers and plants, are subtle, yet powerful, physical and mental aphrodisiacs. Especially the fragrant ones.

Jasmine flowers, for instance, are not only beautifully delicate, but rich and sweet in scent; and contain healing and uplifting aromatherapeutic properties. Orchids, on the other hand, are visually captivating (as they somewhat resemble a woman’s vulva) – and thus are often aligned with desire, luxury, exoticness and the feminine mystique.

By importing plants from around the world into your home, you can introduce a fun spin on collecting stamps in your passport. Instead of a book that you file away (and rarely look at), you can create a beautiful plant sanctuary that brightens up your environment and contrasts against concrete cityscapes.

If you’re not the best at taking care of houseplants, you can replicate some of nature’s scents with candles or “simmer pots.” A simmer pot is simply a homemade concoction of spices that you bring to a boil in a pot of water. When combined together, lime, mint, cucumber and ginger create an intoxicating aroma that smells like a summer island vacation – complete with a refreshing, mint mojito on the beach.


The Most Important Step

The most important aspect of converting your home into a sexy travel destination is to fill it with things that inspire you, and be unafraid to experiment! Ultimately, the power of our imaginations and creativity can take us to any destination we want. We merely have to tap into it. Where will you allow yours to take you?


Brittany Bella Graham is a Writer, Creative Director, Strategist and lingerie aficionado. Her 1:1 mentorship program for entrepreneurs, The Chrysalis, incorporates mindfulness and helps individuals launch sustainable businesses in alignment with their deepest, artistic and personal truths. Find out more at or follow on Instagram at @MsBellaGraham.


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