Choosing the Perfect Toy for Your Personality Type

Choosing the perfect sex toy is similar to selecting your signature perfume scent, or lipstick to wear for the day. Your choice is dependent upon the combination of unique and interesting aspects of your personality that make you – YOU.
The most reliable determinant of your sex toy preference, however, may depend on where you fall on the extraversion and introversion personality spectrum. The philosopher Carl Jung created the concept in the early 1900’s, and without getting too deep into the weeds, the three types are simply defined as:


  • Introverts, or those who recharge themselves by spending time alone. They’re usually contemplative, private, reserved and sensitive to external stimulation; which makes their arousal potential (or rate) higher.

  • Extroverts, or those who are energized by large crowds. They love adventure, excitement and novelty; and because they’re accustomed to high levels of alertness, usually require more mental and physical stimulation to become aroused.

  • Ambiverts (a term coined by psychologist Hans Eysenck), are a mixture of the two. They shift between their desires for social interaction and retreating into solitude for comfort; and can generally adapt to the energy levels of others around them. How easily they are stimulated (or not) simply… depends.


If you know where you fall on the scale, then there’s very likely a toy that’s qualified to hit your sweet spot – more often than not. Take a look at the convenient list we’ve created below to find the vibrator to match your vibe.


Charmed: For the Introvert Who Likes Control

Uncovering the unique speed and rhythm that elicits just the right amount of stimulation to get you to that Big O is easy to discover with Charmed. Its three buttons allow you to control the vibration pattern, power and speed; and its smooth, soft tip places the focus on you – front and center. For the introvert who likes alone time, and wants to recharge her energy levels via orgasm, this choice gives you the perfect pleasure jolt.

Girl's Best Friend: For the Ambivert Who Likes to Switch It Up

This toy quite literally plays the middle by satisfying your extrovert or introvert side; depending on your mood. Using pioneering vacuum technology, one side simulates cunnilingus by vibrating and sucking the clitoris, while the other functions as a traditional vibrator. If you’re feeling extra sensitive, there’s a low setting, but you can also ramp it up all the way to “OMG.” Like we said, it “just depends.” Whatever level you’re on, Girl’s Best Friend can meet you there.

The Perfect Match: For Ambiverts Who Like Flexibility

Technically, it’s a rabbit vibrator, which just means that it can stimulate you internally and externally by touching the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, but The Perfect Match is more than that. For women who find themselves in the middle, the ingenuity of flexibility and silky softness instead of hardness, makes The Perfect Match “perfect” for ambiverts.

TuLips: For the Extravert Who Likes It Full-Throttle

By stimulating the entire clitoris through kissing the tip to vibrating beneath the surface, the TuLips quickly identifies itself as a great match for women who crave high levels of intensity and action. With its 10 settings and 5 intensity levels, the TuLips is sure to push even the most “extra” extravert over the edge.

Pixie: For the Shy, Soft Introvert

Although this discrete little toy fits in the palm of your hand, it’s not to be underestimated. With tips that seal around both sides of the clitoris, the Pixie’s wings offer 10 vibration modes that gently massage your sweet spot – and is nimble enough to operate with one hand. For the introvert who wants to focus sensation on one specific area, this toy may be just the one to get them “there.”

Kissed: For the Extravert Who Likes All Hands on Deck

The extravert who needs complexity and full involvement to get to their pleasure peak, may find that Kissed is their go-to. Kissed simulates the sensation of a tongue licking the clitoris, but also delivers vibrating, clitoral stimulation via its fins. The flexible grip is designed to slip comfortably between your middle and index fingers, and allow you to guide the pressure where you need it. For the extravert who loves being the life of the party, Kissed is the perfect toy to deliver the glory.

Bella Graham

Bella Graham is a Marketing Strategist, Writer and Dark Feminine Glamorist. She’s spent the past several years working in Tech, Travel, Fashion and Entertainment with Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Fashion Week and Rolls Royce. As a therapist in training (MFT), Bella now combines her professional and mental health expertise to help women achieve their relationship and career goals; tap into their sensuality, reclaim their divine feminine power and develop their own spiritual agency. Her platform, Muse by Midnight, will launch later this year.

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