A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Vibrators

A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Vibrators

I remember the first time I stepped into a sex shop. I was in college, curious about my sexuality and my body. My heart was racing and I was overwhelmed beyond belief. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I didn’t touch a single product (I didn’t even know where to begin) and I was in disbelief by how many different toys were available. I remember briefly looking at the different toys, costumes, videos and immediately left..

In other words, it wasn’t my best experience.

It took me several years to purchase my own vibrator and it took me another few years to try others.

After looking back at my initial experience, I wish I had advice from someone who also felt as if pleasing oneself really wasn’t taboo and in fact, was liberating.

So, that’s what I am doing here (you can thank me later).

A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Vibrators


When trying out different toys, I generally like to stay with the clitoral stimulation and I’m not alone. According to an Indiana University School of Public Health study, nearly seventy five percent of women prefer or need direct stimulation during intercourse to achieve an orgasm! With that being said, here are the toys (I prefer) that are perfect for the beginner.



Pixie is perfect for focusing on the clitoris. What’s excellent about its silicone design is that it is small enough to fit in one’s hand. Pixie offers the vibrating sensation at two points that surround the clitoris and can easily give a gal the “O” in no-time. If you want the arousing stimulation to slowly build up, you have ten different settings to choose from!


Girl’s Best Friend:

If you enjoy the feeling of someone going down on you, you should check out Girl’s Best Friend. This silicone toy is a two in one. It gently vibrates while also sucking on your clitoris (I kid you not - it’s amazing). The twenty different settings range from subtle to staccato-like sucking, arousing the clitorus in a variety of ways.

Click here to be the judge!


If the clitoral stimulation is appealing, however, you are looking for something more, Sweet Vibrations also has a rabbit vibator. Supposedly, the term “rabbit” originated because the inventor, Shay Martin, who was born in the year of the rabbit and the animal is also perceived as good luck in Japan. Fortunately because of its design, you don’t have to be lucky to get the big “O.”

The Perfect Match:

The name speaks for itself! The Perfect Match includes the clitoral stimulation along with offering an arousing penetration. The Perfect Match is smooth and extremely flexible. The dual tips include ten different settings to help you get the big “O” in no time at all. It’s no surprise Charlotte loved her Rabbit in Sex and The City!

To try out The Perfect Match for yourself, click here!

I understand there are many other options to choose from, however, as a fellow beginner and a pleasure enthusiast, these are the three options I swear by. They are easy to use, charge and clean. Also, Sweet Vibrations has a lifetime warranty for all of our products, so in case anything happens, we are more than happy to help!