Beginner’s Guide to the Best Vibrators

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I was in college and I was feeling bold. I was alone on a mission to discover my sexuality, and my heart was racing as I approached the nearest sex boutique just outside of my small college town. I was going to buy my first vibrator.

The second I walked in, I was immediately uncomfortable and had no idea where to begin. So, so many toys. Big ones, small ones, many that looked like the “real thing”, and some so intimidating I didn't even want to know that they were for. I ended up awkwardly glancing around the store and after a few stressful moments I turned around and left.

Looking back at that initial experience, I wish I had the confidence I have today to ask for exactly what I want. I wish I knew which vibrators were right for my body. I needed advice from someone experienced, someone who could have helped me feel not so alone. Someone who could have reassured me that pleasing oneself doesn't need to be taboo, and encouraged me that taking care of my needs is in fact a very liberating and positive thing to do.

I wish I had found the “Beginner’s Guide to the Best Vibrators” to help me choose my first sex toy without all the awkward moments. So that’s what I’m going to leave for you here. You can thank me later. ;)


A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Vibrators


Clitoral Vibrators:

When trying out different toys, I generally like to stick to toys that focus on clitoral stimulation, and I’m not alone. According to an Indiana University School of Public Health study, nearly 75 percent of women prefer (or need) direct clitoris stimulation during intercourse to achieve an orgasm. The best part of these vibrators? They don’t look like a giant you-know-what! Some are even kind of cute. Check out Sweet Vibes’ collection of clitoral vibrators:



(my favorite and Bustle’s Amanda Chatel’s favorite, too)


How Does It Work?

Pixie’s flexible twin wings and 10 vibration modes playfully massage the clitoris, bringing you to the ultimate magical place. There are many ways you can use the pixie, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Place both tips on either side of the clit
  • Use your (or your partner's) fingers to move the flexible wings and add pressure when it feels right
  • Use the edges for a more a intense sensation while massaging one side of the clit or the other
  • Use the rounded sides for a silky smooth feel



    (Refinery29’s Kasandra Brabaw thinks it’s one of the Top 10 Best Sex Toys Ever Invented)

    TuLips curves, flexes, and fits to your body. It can be used in a number of ways to give you amazing sensations, but here are some of my favorites:


    • Recommended: Hold it in one hand with the top end down, placing the “lips” of the tuLips over the tip of the clit so that they gently hug it. Apply pressure and bend the tuLips to apply as much or as little pressure as you like. Optional: slide it down towards the vagina to stimulate the entire clit so that nothing is left out.
    • Use the edges on the side of the tuLips for a more pointed sensation.
      • Recommended: Run the edge along either side of the tip of the clit.
    • Use the rounded sides of the tuLips for a silky smooth feel that covers more surface
    • Play with a partner. Let your partner take control and find more ways to keep you on the edge of your sheets.


    Girl’s Best Friend: 2-in-1 Clitoris Stimulator and Vibrator

    Girl's Best Friend

    If you enjoy the feeling of someone going down on you, you should check out Girl’s Best Friend. This toy is a 2-in-1: It gently vibrates while also sucking on your clitoris (I kid you not - it’s amazing). The twenty different settings range from a gentle rumble to pulsing sucking, arousing the clitoris in a variety of ways. This is one of my go-to toys to get the job done quick.


    Kissed: The tongue that doesn't quit

    Small but powerful, Kissed simulates tongue on clitoris stimulation with its flexible vibrating fin. This toy is perfect for you if your fingers tend to get tired too easily. Simply place the flexible grip between your middle and index fingers and guide Kissed to your pleasure zone. Play around with different angles, speeds, and vibration modes to find your favorite kiss.

    Charmed: For self-love inside and out


    Although Charmed is the largest vibe in the collection, don't be fooled, it's designed for multipurpose clit stimulation. Use the soft curved tip for high intensity pleasure or the spherical surface on the backside for enveloping vibrations. This wand is for charming yourself with versatility and lots of control.

    Rabbit Vibrators:

    You’ve likely seen this type of toy on the Sex in the City episode when Charlotte gave up on men and turned to her infamous rabbit vibrator, resulting in some type of addiction. This was my first sex toy post-holy-shit-I-am-so-uncomfortable-in-this-sex-shop days. Check out Sweet Vibes’ take on the rabbit:

    The Perfect Match:

    Ex-writer Sophie Saint Thomas loves that this rabbit vibrator is silky soft, and flexible.

    The Perfect Match

    The name speaks for itself! The Perfect Match includes the clitoral stimulation along with offering an arousing penetration. The Perfect Match is smooth and extremely flexible. The dual tips include ten different settings to help you get your “O” in no time at all. It’s no surprise Charlotte loved her Rabbit Vibrator in Sex and The City! To try out The Perfect Match for yourself, click here!

     Need more help?  

    Vibrator Heart

    I understand there are many other options to choose from, however, as a fellow sex toy / vibrator and a pleasure enthusiast, these are the options I swear by. They are easy to use, rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Also, Sweet Vibes has a lifetime warranty on every toy. The team of Sweet Vibe experts is working (almost) around the clock to answer your questions and help you find that perfect vibrator for beginners. They can be reached via email or Facebook messenger, so no awkward conversations with a store clerk needed, just chat with someone who is happy to help. Happy vibrating!




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