3 Ways to Have Sexy Cyber Fun

Imagination makes sex better. That’s why fantasies are so powerful. Building the interaction in your mind creates tension, and when you combine subconscious desires with attraction, the gratification is explosive!


But where’s the release? For many of us, the hair pulls, booty smacks, neck kisses, sweat drip and wet finishes that we’ve been dreaming of are on pause... At least for a while. For couples or lovers that don’t live (or aren’t isolating) together, the coronavirus and mandatory lockdowns have wreaked havoc on our sex lives. Those that were planning to meet up with long-distance sweethearts are not only touch-deprived, but anxious about when they’ll be able to reunite again.


The sensory underload has been frustrating to say the least, and an inaccessibility to physical touch is a reality that most have never had to grapple with. However, could “imagination,” the alchemic power that transmutes okay sex into euphoric sex, be what also gives hope to those yearning for “love in a time of corona?”


If business meetings and workouts have pivoted to adapt to a virtual world, why can’t our sex life? Read ahead to discover three ways to have sexy cyber fun with your lover.


1) Sexting (Taken Up a Notch):


Obviously, sexting had to be at the top of our list, but we’re not just talking about regular sexting. Whether it’s nasty and explicit, or coy and seductive; like the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” Pretend you’re an erotica writer and get creative with the sexual scenarios you weave with your words. Think of those romance novels that feature couples emblazoned in passionate rapture on the covers. Usually, somewhere in its chapters, someone’s “bodice” gets ripped off, a hand is placed against a “pulsing member” or a stealthy tongue “snakes its way down” a body “enticing moans of pleasure.”


It may be cheesy, but if you put your own twist on it, it can be a fun, fantasy game that you develop together. If you’re feeling risqué, you can even stage a sexy photoshoot and create a faux book cover. Then, your partner can look at it whenever they’re thinking of you, and send you a cover in return!


By allowing each other to become more comfortable with individual creative expression, via writing words you otherwise might not dare say, you can open the door not only to deeper trust, but intimacy and connection.


2) Have a Virtual Striptease:


In our second suggestion, we revisit the topic of anticipation. If you’ve ever been to a burlesque show or a strip club, the most exciting part isn’t necessarily when the dancer gets naked. It’s the dance itself that is the primary source of fascination. How a dancer’s body moves to the music, how the light reflects off their body, and how your pulse quickens as they tease you by seductively disrobing… A good striptease is an aphrodisiac. It’s designed to connect with someone (and elicit desire) with the use of only their eyes and ears – a feature which can easily translate to isolation.


How far you take it – and how deep you allow yourself to submerge in the creative process – is up to you. Colored lights to set the mood for your virtual strip-lair can easily be purchased online, or you can incorporate candles and fresh flowers. Develop a playlist that brings out your inner vixen, and wear an outfit (or lingerie) that you feel delectable in. To make it interactive, you can even allow your partner to purchase your outfit for you. Send them a wish list of your top picks, and let them surprise you with one. Then, when you appear on camera, you’ll both be invested into how the naughty scene plays out.


3) Schedule Virtual “Work Quickies”:


The only thing better than lunch is when you’re on the menu…


If you’re fortunate enough to work from home during this pandemic, you may have already grown accustomed to a monotonous routine. Between the Zoom calls with your colleagues and frequent trips to the fridge for a snack, there usually isn’t much room for spontaneous excitement. Or is there…?


Suppose you were to randomly send your babe a text and ask if they were available to hop on Facetime, and then when they called, you answered the phone naked? Or wearing one of your sexiest outfits?


Naturally, the adrenaline would take over and we’re sure you could wax (no pun intended) the situation from there. A random mutual-masturbation video call just might be the thing neither of you knew you needed.


To be safe, if your honey doesn’t live alone, make sure to let them know to call you only when they’re in a private space and available to talk. The element of surprise is key here, but don’t let that damper your creative powers. Play up the situation, and introduce toys if that’s your thing. We’ve got a sweet collection to choose from, and they’re guaranteed to get the both of you on the same vibration.


Brittany Bella Graham is a Writer, Creative Director, Strategist and lingerie aficionado. Her 1:1 mentorship program for entrepreneurs, The Chrysalis, incorporates mindfulness and helps individuals launch sustainable businesses in alignment with their deepest, artistic and personal truths. Find out more at www.MissBellaGraham.com or follow on Instagram at @MsBellaGraham.

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