101 Guide to Stronger, Sweeter Orgasms

Why Stronger, Sweeter Orgasms? From increased pleasure to the multitude of health benefits they provide, ranging from better sleep and self-esteem to less stress and a longer life, what’s not to want with amazing orgasms? However, there is often an “orgasm gap,” at least for heterosexual women, who have been found to experience 52% fewer regular orgasms than men. This is due to a variety of reasons including miscommunication about desires and differences in the types of orgasms that bring women most pleasure.


Follow the tips below to close the gap and experience stronger, sweeter orgasms.


Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

Desire is essential for pleasure and desire is something that needs to be built and fostered even in the most lustful and loving of partnerships. Foreplay increases sexual arousal and also allows a vagina time to lubricate, which is often critical for pleasurable sex. Try teasing your partner, munching on some aphrodisiac foods together, engaging in pillow talk, or bringing toys into the bedroom to increase foreplay (Charmed is one way to amp foreplay up a notch!).


Practice edging

Edging is the practice of building sexual stimulation right up to the point, or “edge”, of orgasm and then refraining momentarily. Many couples repeat the process several times before climaxing and find that the anticipation and build-up of sex hormones lead to more intense orgasms. Try introducing edging to the bedroom by making a game out of it with your partner. See how many times you can “edge,” before you give in.


Be body confident

Even in long-term, loving relationships body image struggles can compromise bedroom self-esteem, hindering the full range of comfort and pleasure. Low body confidence has been linked to low sexual self-esteem, disrupted arousal, and even avoidance of sex altogether. Try increasing your body confidence by listening to upbeat and empowering music by body-positive artists like Lizzo, reciting some positive affirmations, and updating your lingerie with something that makes you feel beautiful.


Overcome performance anxiety

Sex-related performance anxiety is normal, especially with new partners, but that stress can hinder your arousal and satisfaction. A lot of people reach for an alcoholic drink to ease any angst, but that can lead to sloppy, unfulfilling sex, and even alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction for men. Overcome performance anxiety by building your confidence and intimacy with your partner by exploring without any objectives other than to feel good.


Bring toys in the bedroom

Vibrators aren’t only for singles! A huge part of the “orgasm gap” between men and women is that most women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm. 64% of women consider it crucial! Introducing a small clitoral vibrator, along with communicating desires with your partner, can greatly increase the frequency and intensity of orgasms.



Even if you have a committed partner, masturbation is a healthy aspect of self-exploration and personal health (as well as turning it up with just you and yourself). When you masturbate with a variety of sex toys you can explore desires and erogenous zones that you may have overlooked previously. If you don’t have a sex toy or haven’t updated in a while, you could be missing out on a variety of pleasures that you could take to the bedroom with your present or future partner. Sweet Vibes is always ensuring you the best technology for the sweetest self-pleasure. Case in point, see this oral sex simulator toy that gently sucks and vibrates the clitoris for realistic pleasure and allows you to explore places that you may be overlooking.


It’s easy to get caught up in your regular sexual health routine and overlook new avenues to increased pleasure, but there are plenty of easy ways to enhance your pleasure and update your sex life– solo or not. Consider reflecting on things that you could improve in the bedroom for your stronger, sweeter enjoyment and take action!




Written by Tamara L Carter


Tamara L Carter is a writer, sex and body-positivity advocate, and women’s small business consultant. She writes articles that promote positive body image, self-esteem, and relationships with the belief that love, toward self and others, is the force of all good things in life.

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