Sexy Yoga Poses that Boost Self-Pleasure & Confidence

Yoga is so much more than a spiritual practice or workout and can truly make you sweat (in more ways than one). 

Believe it or not, yoga can be a dynamite game changer for your self-empowerment and your libido. In Sanskrit, yoga translates directly to “union.” As a yoga teacher and student, I see yoga as a practice of connection and a tool for uniting your every-day self with your best and truest self. Yoga invites you to get connected mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Because of its reflective nature, yoga can be an awesome tool for really going deep and kindling a powerful euphoric sense of self-pleasure and confidence within yourself. It’s no secret that real connection is sexy, and since connection is at the very core of yoga, it can be a lucrative practice to build heat and ignite sexual energy.

Before unraveling the specific and juicy postures that stimulate pleasure and confidence within your body, let’s talk about some of the mind-body benefits of yoga. 


Yoga improves your connection to self.

Yoga gives you the space to explore who you are and form a deeper connection with your true self. Through mindful movement, you can strengthen the relationship you have with the most powerful version of yourself. 


Yoga allows you to slow down and be present. 

Yoga is an invitation to unwind and be in the now. As a practice, yoga is tied intrinsically to the breath and allows you to ground into the present by being conscious of every inhale and exhale. 


Yoga invites you to listen to your body.

Yoga empowers you to make choices that make sense for your body; sometimes that means taking it easy, and sometimes that means pushing yourself a little further. In any case, yoga empowers you to choose what feels right for you.


Yoga strengthens your pelvic floor. 

Yoga can indeed improve your sex life. Many yoga exercises help tone your pelvic floor, which can increase your self-pleasure and balance your sexual energy. 


Yoga opens up the heart and sacral chakras. 

Through heart-opening poses, yoga can stimulate self-empowerment with the practice of self-love. Certain postures can also awaken dormant energy in certain parts of our bodies which can deepen our connection to pleasure and the sensual sensation of being alive.


The Poses 

Mountain Pose 

Mountain PoseMountain pose is an excellent posture for stepping into your power (figuratively). Stand confidently on your mat and take that confidence with you off of the mat.

Easy Seat 

Easy Seat Yoga PoseWhile seated, try engaging your Mula Bandha to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This exercise can help improve sexual function and arousal.



Cat Cow Yoga PoseCat/Cow can help strengthen the Kegel muscles (the muscles that contract during orgasm) and also helps establish emotional balance for more confidence.

Reclined Bound Angle 

Reclined Bound Angle PostReclined bound angle instantaneously improves blood flow to the pelvic area; your energy and vitality will follow that sensual flow. 

Pigeon Pose 

Pigeon PostIt’s said that we store a lot of emotions in our hips. Pigeon pose helps us unravel those buried emotions, which can lead to more intimacy with yourself or your partner.

Eagle Pose 

Eagle Yoga PoseEagle pose asks you to engage the inner thighs actively. When you release the legs, all the blood comes flooding through the cervix (which increases sexual vitality).


Bridge Pose 

Bridge PoseAs an intense hip flexor stretch and heart-opening posture, bridge pose tones the vagina and can improve orgasms. To go deeper, wheel pose can uplevel those benefits.

Downward Dog

Downward Dog Yoga PoseIn the powerful way you hold this pose, you can feel an instant boost in confidence and (over time) a boost in muscle tone. In downward dog, you’re also looking straight at your hips, which could become an awesome (and secret) aphrodisiac. 


Happy Baby Pose 

Happy Baby PoseNot only is happy baby pose amazing for releasing stress and anxiety, but it also helps relax the lower back, sacrum, and glutes. The more you let go, the more pleasure you can deliciously sink into the pleasure.


Frog Pose 

34-FrogPose-003-ff15032584824beea9155e648a25e550.jpgThis pose stretches the inner thighs and opens the hips while bringing blood flow to the pelvic floor immediately. Frog pose (as well as goddess pose) is great for rousing  your lower body and increasing your sex drive.


Sphinx Pose 

Sphinx Pose This is an underrated pose for self-pleasure and confidence. Sphinx creates a deeper connection and sensation to your sexual organs by asking you to actively press your pelvis into the floor.

Who knew yoga could be so sexy and empowering? This is so much more than a stretch, it’s a way to stimulate all of your senses. Don’t feel discouraged if some of these postures feel too new or a deeper stretch than you’re used to (at first). 

Trust me, the more you breathe into each pose and allow your body to patiently familiarize itself with these positions, the more alive (and flexible) you’ll feel as you create space for some truly tantalizing sensations. Fair warning, pleasure and confidence lie ahead. 

Sonya Matejko

Sonya Matejko is a writer, yoga teacher, and communications consultant living in New York City. She’s on a mission to help people express and empower themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. By embracing vulnerability, Sonya hopes to move people toward their highest potential. Her writing has been featured on HuffPost, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, I AM & CO, Mogul, and Yoga Magazine. In 2018, she also founded @aforceofnurture on Instagram as a dedicated home for inspiration and self-expression. 

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